Our Ethos

Our slogan, “Wonderful has EVERYTHING,” conveys not only our business ethos, but our personal philosophy as well. We believe that all human experience, both positive and negative, is filled with wonder in the form of beauty and ugliness, joy and sorrow, smiles and tears, meetings and farewells, hopes and disappointments. To us, everything is a source of wonder, and to see the world in such light is exhilarating.

Apropos of this, we think of our business not as a mere way to put bread on the table, but as a passion. We adore how every one of our projects, even ones that do not go as planned, are in their own ways wonderful.

WWe channel our brimming wonder and passion into production and design, despite life not always giving us easy solutions. We try to overcome and experience life’s wonders with curiosity, creativity, and enthusiasm. This is the ethos we bring to our work, which is our livelihood and passion.

Wonderful has EVERYTHING, including your design solution. We do branding, we make chic designs that penetrate surfaces, and we do pop. We can create whatever it is you need with the spirit of wonder and service. It is our aim, furthermore, to not only create provocative and stylish goods, but also to bring altruism and thoughtfulness to our work.


Our Function

Entrusting a person or company to do a project always carries risk. There are countless examples of contractors not understanding concepts and coming up something NOT asked for. Yet design, advertising, and web production industries need subcontracting and outsourcing.

While outsourcing brings potential miscommunications and problems with work ethic, it is a method for large enterprises to avoid fiscal and logistic risk. We invest a great deal of time not only in logistic planning and problem solving, but in truly understanding client projects and goals―whether in branding or marketing―to develop a memorable product of the highest caliber.

We are proud to work with so many quality focused Japanese and overseas companies. It is always a pleasure to collaborate, and we look forward to meeting your needs anywhere in the world.


Our Business Area

  • ・Graphic design (advertisement design, editorial design, package design)
  • ・Digital contents (consulting, production, website construction)
  • ・Advertisements production, PR, logistic planning, editing
  • ・Illustration, photography, animation
  • ・Film editing and production



・"Mind Lab" /Japan Science Technology Agency
14th Annual Webby Awards Science section winner
World Media Festival 2010 Web Section "Silver"
Japan Media Arts Festival 2008 Entertainment Section "Recommend"
50th Science and Technology Film/Video Festival Multimedia Section "Ministry of Education, Culture,
Sports, Science and Technology" Award
・"Earth Guide" /Japan Science Technology Agency
World Media Festival 2007 Web Section Grand Award
Webby Awards 2007 Science Section Nomination
・"Rediscover Japan" /Japan Science Technology Agency
Japan Media Arts Festival 2008 Entertainment Section "Merit"
Good Design Award 2007 Communication Design Section "Good Design Award"
・"haburashi.com"/ Sunstar
Ads that help consumers Web Section "Silver"


・"We start practice today"/Polar Bear Dental Office
Fukushima Minpo Ad Award Small Ad Section "Gold"


  • postn@wonderful.co.jp
  • Bozarre 3B
  • 8-10-14 Fukasawa,
  • Setagaka-ku, Tokyo
  • postcode 158-0081
  • T: +81(0)354772888